a bad start and a good end

It's Friday once again!
I'm currently eating a Cadburry TimeOut that my sister bought me.

So, let's go back to where i was 11 hours ago.
That must be around 7am and pretty much I'm still at home, scrambling my way through the stairs rushing to the car that will bring me to school, but that's not the whole story. It's about what happened a few minutes after i stepped out of the car and walked my way to our classroom. Our vice-president was checking who paid for the DLSU application fee, I inquired her if i already paid (although i knew i already did but i just want to make sure) and she said no.

that is when the bad start began.

during the mass, i was in a super bad mood. i'm trying hard to hold my tears because i just lost my chance to go to La Salle (not that i'm really serious about it but let's say the more important thing is the 500 pesos application fee). I can't speak, well i WON'T speak to anyone because my throat was filled with hiccups-and-sniffs and if i managed to say a word it will be like YEE-hiccup-EE-sniff-S?

that's how i felt and i know that's how you feel too when you're going through a series of long sobs. it sucks you know, my handkershief is so wet with tears and mucus. my nose feels so hot and scratched. my eyes seem so red and sore. my head aches!

after the mass, i cooled down a bit. but the anxiousness is still there. first pd. after recess, the matter was rub in further and i cried again! it really sucks big time! people are suddenly concerned (like always) and it helped me a bit. thanks.
i was sniffing the whole time i re-wrote my rough draft, which was by the way 78%, while trying to hold back the tears that insistently want to well out and flood.
i was thinking if ms. benitez saw me, she would think that i was crying because i got a line of 7! but no, i won't cry over that because i realized my faults.

after lunch. cultural show.
i wasn't crying that time because i want to enjoy myself. the program ran from 1-4pm. 4 friggin hours of boredom! the presentations of the lower levels aren't that good. in fact it sucked, they ruined the Filipino culture with what they showed us awhile ago. luckily, some people did a pretty good job so i guess theres still a small fraction of hours that i watched something worth watching.

dismissal time. at last it's done! i think i'm going to have a seat-sore after the show but of course not. went to MMA, had fun with friends. then came the good news,
it was proved that i already paid the lasalle fee. yay!

and that was the good end. include the chocolate there!

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