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isang nakakainis-slash-nakakatawang post noong July 3, 2004

hello me!!! of course.. cno pa bng babatiin ko!!! heheh...

melodia {my net ego): oi arianne.. how're you feeling? fine? make sure you do.. coz i have a great news for you! and i'm sure you won't want to miss this too! you know harry potter 2? oh yeah of course that's not soo new... wait...

arianne: ano? ha? oh hi mel... since when did i create you? i don't remember you talking!!! well... aside from the chat days...

melodia: um.. i think you're talking to someone... i'll wait for you to finish... ^^

arianne: yeah! thanks...

(1 hour later...)

arianne: whew! i think that went long...

melodia: yeah... yeah... o ano na? cno kausap mo?

arianne: oh.. i was talking to Lara awhile ago.. hehe.. expect a lot of talking.. ^_^ we have tremendously many things to talk about!!!

melodia: what happened..

arianne: um.. secret... o ano na nga pla ung news mo?

melodia: um... harry potter 6 have been released and Harry potter 4 is now being filmed...^^

arianne: a yon.. i already know that.. pano mo nalaman?

melodia: Bica told me..

arianne: Bica? sha rin ung nagsabi sakin eh...

melodia: talaga?...

arianne: LMAOOO!!!!! duh!!! we're the same persons!! how'd you expect me not to know what you knowwww!!!

aynakooo... ang wirdo ni ariana... para pala kong baliw nung nakaraang taon. ang sarap basahin ng mga posts ko sa archive kasi.. ano ang ewan. and engot.. parang... wala... funny. ang daming mistakes (kahit ngayon nga eh...).

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