trying hard to be a good girl...

LoL. i'm a super duper EVIL girl. mwhahahaaaa....
i was never a good girl in the first place... i backstabb a lot, i gossip a lot and do a lot of MORE ghastly things than those... and i don't care.

no... i actually care but i care less though...
brrrr... i'm so BAD!! and yet happy when i'm commiting the crime.

oh, today is mrs. dino's bday. happy bday. =)

you know what... let's talk about SOUTH!
do you know her? er... last year i posted about her. i posted something bad of course! oh my... so bad.

there... i'm starting to hate her again. you see, i've always (most of the time i mean...) hated her, and to think i'm her FRIEND!
what kind of freakin friend am i?
she's just so arrogant. i'm not the only one who notices that and i'm bloody irritated with her being soo mayabang without her knowing it!

she should know that by now or else her whole section will suffer.
i mean it! you see, she should quit her what-not swears! the fucks and damnits and all other pointless cusses she's making fond of adding into her statements. everybody hates that! plus her high pitch voice that's breaking swears on my ears.

now you know what a big liar i am.
what a big backstabber i am.
i'm a whole big plastic!!!
and this is not that first time i did this.

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