what a freakin fitch!
hihi! i invented a new swear which is actually a combination of two other cusses. i just can't say the actual swears out loud so i made a word than will not hinder me from covering my mouth...

fitch - is fucking bitch

and more often when i'm startled or when my pencil drops from my desk i mumble the word: furk. weird... but it just came out of my mouth when i stopped myself from saying fuck.

sometimes... i do say wotch! because i find my favorite expression, wotcher, to be two syllables long... not your ideal 1 syllable swear. it's not even a swear but... whatever.

i've decided to tell the truth and i have to make it so asap that my heart would soon mend from this guilt i'm feeling. do you know how it feels to carry this guilt on for the whole weekend!

i'm so nervous i'll get expelled! i'm afraid to get a supervised work and be under conduct probation!

ay weeehhh....

kaya kaba pasaway kasi nag ne-net ka habang computer pd.???

oh my god, alam mo baaa sobrang kinabahan ako sa tag mo! akala ko ako yung pasaway kasi talagang may ginawa akong pasaway nung computer time...

bwahahaaa... akala ko pinagkalat ni mrs. resterio ung ginawa ko (naming tatlo!)

i'm so sloww... hihihi....

hindi na ko kinakabahan maxado!!!


hahahahaaaa... i'm so weird. LoL... i guess i just have to apologize to mrs. resterio for what we did and maybe tell her to just fail me on that quiz... whoops!

check my old blog 1! i spilled it out there...

so bad. nakakahiya, ano kung sabihin nya kay ms. alberto?
i'm so dead!

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