hindi mamamatay ang jueteng

i'm here in jami's house! bwahehehee...
hmmph, i don't want to help in our project!!! why? because i know someone will always finish it for us! i'm just wasting my time here.
i want myself to be useful but i can't because someone here is to.. urghh.. nevermind.

tss. i'm so envious of a lot of my classmates and friends and relatives and other people whom i wish will agree to have a one-day freaky friday experience with me.
anyway, i love my life just the way it is.. boring.

where arth thou my mr. right?
there's no one special in my life today! haha... my love life sucks... not even looking for one.

my my, i'm enjoying watching frog prince! because ronald is so cute and he looks like a Filipino. hehe...

oh my, i'm totally useless! i'm not helping them! not that i'd be of any help to them now that 'someone' is there to do the music naman and my presence will be of utter unworth...
LoL. no...
it sucks to be me!


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