grade booster huh?

ok, i hope it's not too late to share this but i find (found???) it really helpful. =)

El Fili Study Notes
oh well, look at me. i'm 9 years out of gradeschool and i always thought...
lOl nevermind

the math test was manageable, i'm expecting a high grade in my test because my quizzes are dragged down because of my stupidity!!! grr..

now now, i need to work hard on my pinoi test because i can't afford a failing grade! guess what? my quiz average is a freakin low 68! i would appreciate it better if it were the reverse of it but noooo!

now what? have to study have to study have to study! repeat that until it's 9:30pm and that's the time i open my book and read. i'm so in the procastinating mode today but nevertheless i won't let this lazy brat get the better of me.

how do i start, well the best way to start is to shut this web browser down, disconnect and turn off the computer...
3 steps i cannot bear to do!!

you see, i'd rather not blog during the exam week, better yet not open the computer at all, but the tempation is rising!
so here i am, as you can't see, in the basement, sitting on a monobloc chair, typing on the laptop on top of a wooden table, hearing mom talk to her client over the phone, and blaming myself for a job well done in failing my quizzes!

why do you think i'd waste my time blaming it all on me? why can't i just start studying?

because i'm lazy.

oh, before i forget, i hate the CL test. not because of the difficulty rate but because of the essay questions. i always regard a teacher lazy whenever she just throws in a lot of essay questions and do little of objective type questions because it's so easy to create an essay question but it takes a lot of braincells to answer them correctly.

i hate answering essays, especially essays on CL and other religious stuff. there's this word most of us don't understand and because i was infuriated with it my first sentence was: First of all, i don't know what [this certain word] means but i'm not stupid enough not to have the slightest hint on what it wishes to imply.
yeah, rude.
there's another essay there, about the materialism and consumerism stuff. my first sentence was: My family is not materialistic.
haha, serves you right.

mehn, i'm so bad.
i know.
and because of that i recieved a verbal slip. no, of course not because of answering like that. tardy...

weee. i'm listening to gwen stefani right now... cool.

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