double mass.

my parents think i'm becoming too smart because they always see me reading a new book once in a while and they're complaining that the books i read are too dangerous for me. huh? i don't think reading a story about a girl who decides to die but ended up breathing in the end is wrong, not even the story of a girl who chose to be mute to everyone because she got raped. i even shared to them that by the time i get my allowance in college i'll see to it that i purchase a new book every month. something they found (find?? geez) unquestionable as long as i buy the right books because they think that the more i read books of my choice, the farther i stay from God.... which is sooo WRONG. they want me to read books like Developing the Leader Within You or The Key to Prosperous Life. Honestly, they don't seem that interesting i'd rather pretend listening to the audiobook versions of them than read them for real.

I don't like self-help books. I want books with plots.

i'm not being too smart! comown, i failed pinoy, you think that's smart? well i think that's a smart move close enough to ditch Jose Rizal out of our curriculum. Oh i don't hate him but he's causing too much mayhem in my report card.

oh well, i feel like edward in veronica decides to die.

last night there was an overnight prayer meeting here in our house, no food, no sleep and my mom forced me to join. so i join, prayed a bit, sang a bit and later on drowsed to sleep. i woke up still in the rooftop with the halelujas of people, they're singing to God but i also hear some mild snoring i realized it's ok, we're all sleeping anyway. what i do is ask God for a miracle to make that lone red star i see fall down. nothing happens, i lack faith. later on i see a firefly roaming around. i caught it and together with my sister we watched as the insect desperately tries to get out of my hands, we watch as it gives off a flickering yellow light and then we let it go. i wonder if that's how God granted my wish to make a star fall on my hands. cute.

i walked around 11:30 pretending to my dad that i'm soo sleepy, went down to drink but got stuck helping mom to peel off the gingers and BLEND it, i peeled 3. i sometimes slip the knife in my hand so i got little cuts on my fingers, no blood. then i blend them with a cup of water, smells strongly gingerish. i can't stand it. i gave it to mom, she poured it on the boiling water and i found out she's going to make a soup. a ginger soup? who would eat that?

i decided to sleep, i continue reading Speak until i'm 80% percent done then i slept. woke up 7am, mom says we're still going to church, she promised we'll go to the mall after but plans changed because we're going to eat lunch at someone's house for someone's birthday. great. no mall. it sucks be stuck.
we went to red ribbon to buy a birthday cake. drooled over some chocolate mousse, tiramisu meltdown and truffle candies worth 20 each. we bought a choco caramel roll for ourselves to eat at home but we're way too hungry to wait till we get home so we eat in the car while dad drives. no spoon or forks or knives... we're very resourceful when we're really hungry. mom tears off one side of the carton box of the cake and uses it to slice the cake. we now eat. only we're too messy, fudge drops in the seat covers and on my bag and onto my shirt and my white handkerchief got stained, blah.

i love chocolate.

i forgot to tell you that Someone's House holds a church service too so when got there, it's like attending a double mass. i'm tired. i didn't even bother to open my Bible as the pastora asks us to, i pretend i left mine in the car. i watch as the girl in front of me opens her vanity kit and pulls out a black eye liner from avon, her kit is from avon too. i thought she's going to re-touch in the middle of the service, i got irritated. she closed her kit, opened the cap of her eye-liner and marks the chapter in the Bible where were discussing. she's not as bad as i thought.
after the service, it's happy birthday greeting time, i went inside the house (because they hold the service in the garage) and sat on a chair, with permission of course. i just want to spare myself from faking a smile and pretending to act real fond of children when actually i don't like them hanging around like they never ran out of ATPs.
i continue reading Speak. getting interesting, i'm nearly done.
we eat then we walk home, we're in the same subdivision.
i read as i walk as my sister shares the umbrella with me. i'm done reading!

we're now in front of our house.
no keys? great. i don't want to climb the gate like i usually do, so i let my sister do it. my mom and i watches as she drops her sandals inside and sets aside her bag and the umbrella and starts climbing the gate for real. it wasn't a sight to behold, we can hear the thump of her feet as her weight drops from the height, she's kinda chubby.

she opens the big gate, i get the knife from the dirty kitchen and... ooops. i can't just tell you how we open the house if don't have the keys you know. i'm not stupid.

now i'm here, typing down a tale that started yesterday night until this afternoon.

mom said we're still going to the mall.
freakin lightning bolt strikes.

by the way! harry potter and the goblet of fire will start showing on my birthday!! :D

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