::from yesterday

so tired... -_-;;
just got home from jami's house... we did the recording for our music project awhile ago and how as it?

quite nice.
if i have something to complain i guess it will be about me who keeps on doing mistakes and stuff while playing the piano but i guess it won't be obvious unless i shamelessly admit them.

anyway, i'm so tired (and i still have time to blog). yesterday we also went to jami's and we ended 8:30pm! so late and i'm commuting my way home!

it was my first time to commute alone at night and i was imagining horrible things like being hold-uped or snatched but who am i to think of those when i know God is with me? hehe... nothing bad happened...
thank you k.a. for dropping me off to sandigan!
haha... so near, so afraid, eh kasi nga gabi na eh...-_-;;

there, yesterday's trip was both filled with nervousness and STENCH!
LoL, it's not my first time to ride on a jeep but the thing is it just rained!!!! RAIN mehn! so when we passed by commonwealth, it stinks big time! not only commonwealth, also litex and manggahan... they all stink!

today is worse. if yesterday i only have to put up with the stench, this time i have to bear the usual stink and the bad-timing downpour. grr...
ok ok, still... nothing bad happened! hurray... i'm so paranoid. =

cna you believe it? i'm not yet done with veronika decides to die! it's been a week! anyway, i don't have all the time to read it. i barely read at home... next i want to read speak by laurie anderson if adri would let me borrow hers :)
how come i love books but i'm too lazy to read them?

tomorrow we'll be having the mary-like dressing thing. oh well, got no decent top so i'm going to wear a sleeveless racerback tomorrow WITH a jacket. that's the only way i can hide the immodesty (???) of my dress.
i love my skirt. :D
oh no, i might get a line of 7 in pinoi! i barely pass the quizzes she gives!
good luck to me!

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