we're going out tomorrow!

yay! it's our prosec field trip tomorrow! we'll be learning stuff about fine-dining and some other make-up application tips... something like that. something girly! haha...

PHYSICS awhile ago was super fun! i mean, i almost laughed the whole period! everybody else naman eh, pero lam nyo yun... saya. sakit sa cheeks and stomach.. nakakiyak toh...

ayun. fun fun fun. although i have a little problem with my bestfriend right now, hope we get over it and jump back to normal.

anyway... ayun! at last! i finished downloading a couple of my favorite beatles songs (i will, hey jude to name a few...) and also lemon tree by fools garden... why? i dunno i just recalled reiko and prach singing it last year and i realized... oooh sounds fun.... kay, download that!

there... i love piano instrumentals. it sets me in a state of trance thinking of various things and being just sentimental. it really calms me and it's best listening to it while reading. gaahh, i'm so lazy to finish reading 'from witchcraft to christ' for my reading report. nothing quite interesting is happening, i mean she's like narrating her AUTOBIOGRAPHY and it doesn't interest me a bit. i'm expecting the author to feed us immediately with her experiences during her being a witch but look at that, she started when she was eleven, when they were relocated due to a war. she fights against the current of everyone discriminating her and her sisters... then she turns 13 and pretends to be 14 to start working coz her mother died and she chucked herself out of their household to avoid her fugly step-mother ... blah blah...

urrgghh... those stuff. boring. how bout i read another book? -_-;;

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