crunch caramel

nothing like a cup of high kicking coffee and two bars of chocolate to wake me up from deep slumber! i have a new favorite chocolate and it is nestle's Crunch Caramel!!!

i'm having fun recording my voice! :) i'm using dad's (FOR SALE) POCKET PC recorder and it's damn great for podcasting or something of the like. you see, i was reading an essay about love with a piano instrumental in the background and i'm listening to it right now... :) my voice is... err... cool!! hahaha, i'm having fun!!! wahehehehe

so, how's my study progress? still 0% man. still a whooping 0%! oryt oryt, i'm gonna study now... >_>

EK with dormmates on wednesday!!! waw, i'm excited!!1

the magic is here!!!! :D :D

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