city of angels

i cried big time last night after watching it at qtv. sorry naman, i'm not really fond of movies. hehehe :( such a tear-jerker, why does maggie have to die when seth just gave up his pevious life to be with her? grabe. unfair ba? unfaaair!! oooh, so that's where the famous scene with a bicycling meg ryan came about. hmmm, it doesn't pay off to be so outdated with what's in... before. nyahaha

i'm leaving in, hmm, 2 hours! hehe, haaay why do have to meet for a presentation? hum2 pa? sorry talaga, i'm not used to practicing fo pesentations eh. that's so gradeschool. haha, i miss hum1 tuloy, wala lang puro impromptu, di kailangan magmeet total... matatanda na kami lahat. keri na yun. pero sige, bear with it, bear with it, i'm the oldest in our group. what i can i do? i don't even want to take charge, so bahala ka na aiza. haha haynaaaaku.

oh by the waaaay!

after finishing Ouran Highschool Host Club, Lovely Complex na ko ngayon! hehehe :)
mejo sad nga ako e, kasi wala kaming dvd burner and i badly want to save my video files separately kasi nanganganib ang memory ng computer na ito. hmmm, nanghihinayang ako sa mga cd-r na binili ko. they're not enough!!!

magpapaburn na lang ako. hmmmph. >___>;

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