probable schedule

i haven't finalized it yet. though i didn't have much problems enlisting even though i was given an initial load of just 5 units a month ago. oh anyway, i like it. though some breaks are too small to go loitering around. i would have preferred a continuous schedule without breaks. at least i don't have to worry about finding someone and someplace to spend the break with. i realized going back to the apartment in between short breaks can be lethal (like what i did last sem), i can just be lulled to sleep before i even considered walking to my next class.

anyhooow. i'm scared. freakin scared of failing again and again. but look, the worst that i could get for this sem is a probationary status ohyeah, i'm being a pessimist again. it could be math36 or chem32 (agaaaain, those two) or both. i guess i could handle physics and stat with enough sweat and grime to toil with.

and hum2. i'm so looking forward to it. why do i only have 1 (to none) fun subject every sem? last last sem, i had no fun subjects, even GEs can prove to be a prick in the ass with just the most stupid professors. last sem, i only had 1 fun subject... hum1 because i had crush there bwahaha. oh, when i was a new freshman, almost every subject is worth looking forward to because i share most of my subjects with a crush. hahahaha anyway, those were the days. >___>; i'm getting older and it's not fun flailing over crushes still.

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