not enough sense

i was reviewing my notes awhile ago, take note: it's my first time to actually get my ass with reviewing over the weekend. that's not me, usually, but i'm breaking some bad habits here so you ought to be happy for me. hehe

church went well, i can't say i'm a wholly spiritual person because i'm still subject to dozing off during homilies, but i appreciate it that i get to pick up useful words of wisdom everytime i step in the room. it makes me more, hehe, wise? ewan. siguro ganun.

everytime we walk to the auditorium, we pass by the sunday school room. they have transparent walls so i can see what's happening from outside. damn it, i miss sunday school. i missed being a kid, being with my church mates, i miss teacher Flor whom i got really close to back then, i miss my classmates... who are now handling the kids. everytime we pass by that room, i feel regretful that i didn't pursue being a sunday school teacher just because i went on year long hiatus from that church. huhu, if only i attended class regularly, i could've grown up to be one of the teachers there now. hay. pangarap ko yun eh.

anyway. maiba naman

so eto. i'm came across a friend's blog awhile ago. crush ko yun dati eh. and when i read his blog, ayun, crush ko na ulit sya. lol pero the chances are slim na we'll close, as in. haha he has his own circle which isn't exactly unpenetrable (in?un?heh) but really, there are slim to no chances at all. i admire him for his sense. that's where it all (well, most of it) went. you know i think i can talk to him seriously.

so may trend talaga, yung mga nagiging major crush ko... mga sensisble people. kahit na pinipilit kong magconform sa ideal crush type ng buong mundo, in the end i still fall for the different kind. fall in crush lang naman eh. haha :\

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