why i'm starting to hate rinoa heartily

you can hate me for this because who's speaking is a biased final fanstasy ignorant basher.

2 things:
@ she always gets cosplayed. i'm tired of seeing her in cons. her dress is so simple, and she's one of the most cosplayed, not to mention 'default' cosplay character in the world. when you a visit a con you'll see tons of rinoa's flaunting around. really, like get out of my faaace!!!


@ i was irritated by her in monty oum's dead fantasy II, i know he loves her and whole ff cast (because the vid is all about whacking the DoA girls dead), but she's a big scene stealer with oversized wings and exagerrated celestial powers. well, i'm certainly not a ff enthusiast so i'm not sure if she really has wings (but i doubt she has), but demmit she's just soooo irritating. imagine sailormoon talking a minute to transform with her adversaries just gaping at her, now put rinoa in her place. that's dumb.

so sorry. this is totally pointless. in the first place, i shouldn't hate her just because she gets cosplayed a lot, i just think there's no enough creativity with her outfit. second, it's bad enough if DoA wins over FF in a fanvid, so if it means having rinoa take the spotlight with the vid's last few minutes, i can bear with that.

so in short, to save myself from hating a lot of people (rinoa cosplayers, monty oum and sailormoon), i took the common denominator.

hehe, i didn't really expect you to put up with this entry well.
i'm annoyed at myself.

a very immature post.

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