i came across this certain septembr 2006 entry regarding my long forgotten FORUM BOARDS!


i can't believe it's still alive. well, alive in a sense that it still exists though i could hardly remember the last time i posted there. but the thing is, it's already 5 years since i made it!

i was in first year highschool and forumboards are just so IN. so i made one, just for the heck of it, a lot of my friends joined plus some of my old online buddies. it was fun. i got to create tons of topics to talk about and you know, i enjoyed it. hahaha, dunno what happened. we all got busy i guess. it's bound to be burried anyway. but i'm not deleting it. it's a nice place to go reminiscing during our first year days. hahaha

funny talaga. i'm reading it btw... and there's this time where implemented an 'ALL ENGLISH' rule for the whole forum. i swear i sounded bitchy, replying to threads with tagalog words with these... "Next time, please use English or make a loose translation for the Filipino words." didn't even put a smiley, how's that >__>;

and when they replied, i was like, "NO. you must speak english for the whole forum."
gawd, i want to slap myself for sounding so demanding and strict. i did it for the foreigners cos i used to invite all my online buddies back then to participate in my silly play, and they're all aliens. and at that time, i was just doing it for the sake of having lots of members. i used to chat a lot in y!m, my favorite room is the Japanese Anime room hahaha... but right now i guess i just lost the drive to go chatting with foreigners even though i know i should be speaking more fluently in english bwahaha

AND HOMG! i still remember my username and password! haha, it's a generic pass kasi bwahahaha. AND HOMG again, i had 3 guests this daaaaay??? and accdg to the stats most users online is January something 2008?!?!?! that's ridiculous, i thought no one ever goes there anymore! haha, funny.

wow. it's just unbelievable... hahaha

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