haaay buhay

i think i got my mp3 player a virus. last night while i was checking my photos i entered the 'Trinoma' album and saw a thumbnail with a question mark, i opened it but it was just a blank image with some dots. since i was pretty sure it wasn't part of the folder, i knew it was a virus of something. when i hit back, ALL OF THE PHOTOS IN THAT ALBUM ARE GONE!!!!

and so... to prevent further damage, i am backing up my files now in preparation for reformatting. T___T;

another thing that tore my heart gravely, MY VIDEOS ALBUM IS EMPTY. i don't know how! but i can only be sure it's a virus! or something equally harmful and dangerous to deal with. i hate reformatting because i have gigabyte-sized folders to backup and it's gonna take a long time to get them all relocated for site reconstruction.

good thing, i still have some videos in my docs. but then it's not complete! huhuhu

i'll be going to elbi this wednesday to pay my tuition and check on the apartment!! :) who wants to come with me? hehehe :)

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