i want

i feel like i need to get rich already. and make that soon. i feel like i have to make it a point to maintain whatever luxuries i have right now, and indulge on more when i finally get a nice high-paying job. you know what they are, i want my coffee nice and well-worth it, my gadgets unique and branded and my bathroom essentials of high quality.

now i want to get a gift card from The Spa, certificates from Yellow Cab and lots of complimentary hotel accomodations. i want to live a life of luxury. and yes, it all boils down to my greediness to indulge in these marvelous things.

i really really want to have those things.
but you know, i don't want to look rich... AT ALL. i just want to look decent enough to pass for a regular citizen, but still indulge in such expensive treats. i want my life to be like that.

i want to live in a small home enough only for myself. i want to be simple looking but dmn RICH. i don't want to live an exclusive life you know. like those rich people who shop only at shang and other well-secluded ayala shopping malls.

nonono, SM is still the best. :) even if i get ultra rich i won't spend a shopping spree at an ayala mall.

quite simply, i just want to have the money right when i need it... for some selfish treats. :)

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