it's not crack, it's weed!

i'm feeling a bit cranky right now. i have a, err, mild headache, prolly due to the weather which is at a disagreeable state. and well, i'm hungry. there's no enough food to satiate me, which is why i got out awhile ago carrying what coins i had to search for some 'food' which roughly translated to chips and candies and some biscuits. waaaaaaah. i only got 3 tomi's, 3 hany's and a strawberry rebisco cracker. it's not enough!!!! barely!

so i just kept quiet, sliced some apple and ate it with caesar dressing. hehe, that quite made it. hahahaha

ate theresa finally brought some dvds! ohyeah, i'm gonna watch prince caspian, ironman and forbidden kingdom...FINALLY!!!

the first that i watched was The Hottie and the Nottie. crappy title, yeah? it's a Paris Hilton film... which isn't really fun to watch, but i was able to endure it for the most part. then my sister joined in and we watched Narnia (lion, witch, wardrobe) together... err, in preparation to Prince Caspian. hehehe

that's about it, i guess. >___>;

still unsure of my college life as usual but i'll try setting my mind on it.
whew. i wish.

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