a date with my mom :)

my charger broke so i asked ate theresa to buy me a new one, but it also won't work so i decided to have it fixed at fcm. i thought the battery is the one at fault but it turned out the new charger is the defected one. so i bought a new one instead of returning the defected item back because a) it was bought at a different place and b) i need to recharge asap.

haaay pera.

actually, my mom came with me. before i came to fcm, she left with my dad then not a few minutes later they're already back. looks like their plan didn't push through, but from what i perceived they had a quarrel. i was about to leave already when mommy asked me if she could come with me. i said no problem, i knew she needed some time out after God knows what they argued about. i kinda took pity on it and took her with me, dad knows i'm leaving but not with her. i didn't really tell him i took her out. hahaha i want him to look all over the house and panic. bwaha

so we went to fcm... then when my problem is settled and we have nothing else to do, i said maybe we could just go to the mall to chill. honestly, this isn't part of my plan but i want to make her happy this day, who knows what's bothering her? (anyway, she's not all sad about the quarell, it's nothing actually. seriously) so we went to the mall to chill, hehe, we just commuted! hehe i was somewhat hesistant to take her out to commute because well, she's my mom, she hardly commutes nowadays (well, ever since we got a car), i'm afraid the heat and the pollution will hassle her big time but i was wrong. hehehe :) we were happy! i was happy about it. totally happy that i was able to take my mom out to mall and pay for, for... the fare! hehehe it's a date! it's a date! and how much did i shell out this day? 1000 pesos omaygaaaad... kasi i bought a gift for july and a gc for kuya noreens, the charger, a box of cereals and paid for a debit card appplication. haay

i'll probably get serious saving money, even with the unnecessary deprivations.
i'm all hyped up for my debit card! weeeee :)

thanks anne for introducing express cash to me hehehe :)

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