i want to update my stories but i can't! i'm out of inspiration! out of Harry Potter stuff to spazz with! Naruto, with its stupid replays here in the Phils., does not clench my need for a decent motivation. it's already June, classes are bound to kill me in two weeks, more or less. i should have to the right indulge in selfish things before i plunge into another level of hell.

ohlook! i'm organizing my folders. i made a 'stories' folders, with my current projects. by far, i've only had one completed story which is in the proccess of being beta-read. sooner or later, i'll have the docs imported into my account and finally get rid of my grammatical mistakes.

i have 2 in progress fics, and 3 pending-to-be-written cases. i'll show you what i have in mind...

@Hate Me - this is a Naruto in-progress fic. i can't bear to continue it because it can't carry on without the rape. and i'm still looking for ways to write a frkn rape scene. if i manage to pull down the rating, from M to T... BETTER.

@Interview with a Vampire - i know, i know. another in progress HPDM fic. i like the plot, i really do. it's not always that i come up with story-lines that people actually patronize.

i left those two fics hanging TWO FRKN YEARS AGO. and i've been receiving PM's, yeah, PRIVATE MESSAGES (!!!), from readers begging me to update, alongside casual swears indicating their impatience. i thought it was flattering, so i had to smile with those. but really, none of them ticked me enough to get my ass moving. T__T;

and now i have another 3 being conceptualized. all are HPDMs. :) i'll be sharing the titles but it won't be revealing anything substantial yet.

@If Only
@In Another Lifetime - this was the one i thought i could turn into an original romance novel (like, whateveeerrr arianne! you and your dreams!) instead of a fic, but i'm doubting the audience would appreciate it. HPDM has more than a million fans, it's more likely to be acknowledged in that fandom. hehe
@Remember when it Rained - SO FAR MY FAVORITE among the stories i've plotted. why? IT'S TRAGIC, and i've finished the whole story in my brain! i cried, man, it's crazy. hint: it's a VAMPfic! appiiiirrr!!!

i was wondering. me writing like this (about fics and fandoms) seems more appropriate in LIVEJOURNAL. hahaha, my circle of co-fans is really small. and it's because i'm not making an effort to involve myself in any of those rings. hahaha, not to worry. i'm enjoying this. hehe


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