currently: re-reading the complete beta-read version of my fic! ah! i'm so excited to republish it! :) thanks so much my dear! i was damn flattered when you said you still cried after your second read. man, i think imma cry as well. :)

then after that, i'm gonna watch Ouran! yeheeey! i have to finish it before school starts to refrain myself from watching it online. hmm... save mode.

june13: went to pansol with my family and my dad's agents for their mid-year planning session thingy. my sister and i tagged along because of the pool. man, i love the resort! zen inspired and japanese landscaped. so lovely! :) someday i'll have a house that big! hehehe

awhile ago: went to buy some stuff at the supermarket. deciding which bed to buy and how to deliver it to our room is becoming a big hassle now. i guess i have to stick with a foam after all, or before my roomates and i settle for something. we still need to talk. haaaay. :)

and the dispenser, please Lord. potable water is all i ask for. :\

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