for some odd reason

i'm excited to go to school. maybe because i'm thrilled to 'get a life' or something, to fix what i've broken for the past 2 semesters. not that it guarantees a better life, but at least i actually felt 'cheerful' about facing another impending doom.

i'm very pessismistic when it comes to writing acad stuff (if you notice), it's all part of a facade i'm playing. i'm not really pesimistic (hth do you spell that?) with it in reality, i'm trying to balance things out. i'm not expectant of anything marvelous to unfold during my university days, either way, i don't want to put up with so much drama telling you guys how pathetic my scholastic life is. i don't understand what i just wrote. hahaha

hello.hello.hello. this is crazy.

last night I watched Ikaw Pa Rin (Bongga Ka Boy) at SMF with my family. we went out because my sister kind of pissed my parents off with their broken promises of going to the mall to watch... so she got mad and shit and whatever. how childish, immature and ultimately spank-worthy... if i only were a kuya who is at least 3 years older than she is, i'll spank her to death and make her do pushups for ever speaking ill of our parents. anyway, we cooled down... she cooled down after i sort of reprimanded my mom for making promises she doesn't fulfill... then i talked to her and said we're going out and i made her take back all the harsh things she said and blah blah blah, she gave me a donut! ohyessss!!! :) now that's out of the question, i know. hehehe

I'M BORED. i really am. i'm keying for a DVD of Romantic Princess. hehehe ♥ ♥

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