romantic princess

i'm left with the household chores! boooo... terai will be leaving for elbi later. haaaay. pero bukas, ako naman! i'm afraid of the tuition fee... what if tumaas? i can't make a proper cost of matriculation assessment with their irregular hikes. haynaku talaga. i just hope mom will give me more than enough money for the tuition, apartment and fare... because i'm counting on my internet agenda and dvd scouting to make my day and without extra money all of those are down in a big blur. >____>; i'm also looking forward to checking the apartment and listing what's needed to be put in, like appliances and furnitures. haha, that's like a major concern! if we come there with the unit totally bare, we'll have to eat outside because there's no tables and chairs... ayoko gumastos. i'm trying to save a lot of money for this sem because i want to buy a lot of things. T___T hopefully there's a cabinet please let there beeeee. it's already a big hassle for me to carry the refrigerator (which won't be delivered till next next week) and the BED!

pero hmm, i was thinking to just buy the bed, cabinet, tables, chair and stuff at the Bodega ng Bayan para free delivery at mura! and i want to go there to canvass! it seems fun and exciting and yeahboi masayaaaaa.

i'm excited to decorate the apartment and transform it into a real home
pero wait, we need potable WATER to last us our first week. i can endure a bare house (kahit matulog ako sa sahig) basta may drinking water, ohplease. and on the following weeks we have to fill in with the kitchen stuff... dish organizer, can opener, knife, cooking stove?, ref... haha ang sarap magplano diba?

but i'm quite assured that after weeks of adjustment it'll come out really nice and comfortable for us. after all, every new apartment owner goes through all the bare essentials planning with her housemates.

excited lang ako. i'm more thrilled to move in to a new house than actually got to classes. hahaha

BTW, i have a dvd of Romantic Prince at last! yeah! i'm gonna watch now! :)

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