afterall, it's working

i just came online to get our physics handouts from our prof's multiply site (but i can't seem to find the right file >_>). then of course, along with it goes my internet iteneraries.

♠ i'm trying to minimize my internet consumption because i know it's one heck of a disturbance. so i'll get you a daily gist of what happened from the last time i updated.

sunday, 15th: went to church then to los banos to bring in our stuff. i just moved in to my new apartment. :)

monday, 16th: no classes for me yet. took time to get a feel of our apartment. still super bare, but it's bearable... i just can't take the silence at times hahaha. oh, and i met our neighbor to the right... kuya robert. :) well, he's really friendly, he's the one who came to us for an introduction and some err, warnings. :)

it's really weird. i felt different but i guess it's still better than before. when we came to our previous dorm for a visit (my sister still lives there), so many things have changed! they've installed emergency lights already, new curtains, a refrigerator (which is under strict custody of tita beth) and new tables. it's better to look at. it's super clean now, but i still can't take the price. hehe

tuesday, 17th: first day of classes. math36 was my first class. i still got the same teacher so i'm more determined to pass now. :) hehehe, my other classes were scary. i still feel intimidated with chem32, phys13 scares the git out of me, stat1 was err, unpredictable.

well, most of my classes... i thought they're going to be pretty bearable except for 32 which is a natural killer...but i guess i'm wrong.

ok, i'll just work harder from now on. minimize going to the internet, like now! save lots of money and segregate for crying out loud! we don't have trashcans yet in the apartment and there are lots of ants. hahaha

and now, 18th: it's LAURA'S BIRTHDAY!!! happy happy birthday! i attended the parade thingy for the freshmen, so hot, so boring... but not really. at least i get a merit for the org. T__T; not that i came to socialize, really. :-/

OH, and i have a new crush.
i have a lot of crushes, i have an EE crush (who looks pretty neat but lame at times), and an IE crush (who badly needs a good shaving, he looks like a ganster and i liked him for that haha) and now i have a crush on an orgmate. well, we've known each other before he came to the org... we were classmates once. let's just say, i liked him for being sweet. :) i don't know, i don't care if he's naturally like that or if i'm just imagining things but he has charisma, yes. that's the perfect word to describe him. :) when we talk i feel like he's really interested with what i have to say even though they're just silly reports of me promising to work hard over my failed subjects... haha, he doesn't drop conversations easily and when he asks me how am i doing, i feel the sincerity.

haha kasi, the question 'kumusta ka naman?' (and other versions) has become more of a greeting to me than an actual inquiry that must be answered... but when he asks it, i feel obliged to give him the right answer. hahaha, not that i don't. well, i usually don't answer that question straight out... i always say 'ok lang' because it's half-true so it doesn't make me a full liar. hahaha wala lang, i feel like i can't lie to him, becuase he understands. :) hehe.

o, yun lang naman. :) i invited terai to sleepover at my place today because my 2 roomates are going home tonight... no classes tomorrow e. hehehe :)

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