that's me... my case right now is sooo common... i'm jealous of my sister, like most younger siblings do...-_-;;

pero i don't hate her... i love her sooo much nga eh.. kaso i'm jeaous how VERY fortunate she is that even though she failed her dream school (ateneo)... she passed UP naman....
aside from that... her application form for a scholarship in Starr Foundation in New York was granted... and later she'll be recieving loads of dollars a month...

and if she wants to study in the states, someone will always be there to support her financially... weow. and my parents don't have to spend a lot with her tuition pa...
-_-;; i'm proud... pero jealous paren...

parang ang ironic para sa status nya na maging scholar diba? she's not poor! we're not poor! pero blah.. she's intelligent kasi eh...
hah! if i know... anyone can top in FEU-fern HS! ilipat mo kaya sha sa Holy... makaka line of 9 kaya sha?

i don't think so.
the comptetion here is damn tough you need to shed your blood to get a decent score.
i'm thinking a lot of things regarding my future... how will i pass the upcat? what wourse will i get? how am i going to get a scholarship grant with starr?

blaahh... i need to study hard... everyone is smart. and i have to be smarter.

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