it's a known fact that NO ONE, not even a person who considers her life an open book, confides her whole life to a certain person...
an individual holds secrets only he/she knows and of course secrets he/she doesn't want anyone to know...

people may laugh
people may judge
people may discriminate
people may think he/she's insane
people may think he/she's a dreamer...

so, puro pala tao ang problema eh?
it's just that people are sooo judgemental.

sometimes i feel na there's no point of making a blog since it won't guarantee you privacy and in the latter part you can't explain your own feelings kasi alam mong may bumabasa and alam mong it's either may matatamaan or may mag bablab... just like my 'hate list' (if you remember)... puro blind items kasi kilala ng mga majority ng readers kung sino yun... as much as i want to put up a backstabbing blog for myself, i just couldn't.

i'm getting off-track...
back to intimidation...
everybody's a dreamer... dba?
pero no one speaks out her dreams kasi nakakahiya, especially if she's a NOBODY in their world...
take me for example, i'm just average... you can say i have no known talent that is superior to others. i'm an artist, but someone is always better than me. i like a lot of sports, but it doesn't show in my personality... because someone is always better than me. i like music, but it still doesn't show coz i don't make a statement saying i can't live without music. i'm a webdesigner, but someone will always be better that me.

so i get intimidated, i'm not getting any further in my personality enhancement scale.
i'm very much affected with my surroundings. blah... inferiority complex.

even before the word blog boomed, i was blogging na... 3 yrs na nga eh... pero now that a lot of people started blogging na rin, i feel out... kht na pioneer na pioneer and dating... haha.. wala lang..

lam nyo ba ung isang episode sa lizzie mcguire? ung kay gordo? he likes retro music (mejo retro lang pero old..) pero when ethan craft, with the help of liz and miranda, made it a popular trend in school gordo feels his 'passion' is not his' anymore... kaya, he lurked himself in flying model aircrafts instead... -_-;;

ganun. haha...ang ewan ku ngaun...
huwaw! my bneficiaries din pla ung advantage card ni mommy sa sm! hihi, we'll be having a lot of starbucks gift cheques soon! hihi...

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