i'm not dead!

LoL.. welcome to my new layout.. well the layout is not pretty new to you... but the motif and theme is new!
you see... it's a dull kind of green.. but because of the totally rockin linkin park theme i have here... the dull turns to bright! hurrah!!!

we had tennis awhile ago... and i had my friggin 2nd day.. you know what i mean... ^_^

i wasn't able to do well.. er.. that was in my opinion... o cge na nga.. since i don't do well everytime we do the sessions.. i think i'm not in the right position to give myself a scale of 'how far is my tennis skills somehow?'

well as you can't see... i'm not anywhere around home.. i'm in FCM... doing my usual neopets gaming sessions... our computer is wrecked and it doesn't reply to popups... even though we don't have popup blockers... and copy-pasting a shortcut in a new window won't work too because most popups i open is javascript powered... so ayun... chill.

i'm bad... my sister and i are supposed to be grocery-ing for foods for tomorrow's trip but i excused myself to give time for my selfish desires... we also ran out of nternet card na... and i'm saving...


uhm... uhmm... my mind is blank... back to the games!!!
i'm so happy!
i got my allowance na... i mean it's an utang kasi... from last year's summer job... lupit noh? 1 year akong naghintay ng sweldo... haha... don't ask. basta i'm happy..

i don't have any decent summer job to enter... kasi i'm busy preparing for college entrance tests nga diba... and we had milo pa... and we have... blah.. wala na pala.. haha

i miss my friends...^_^

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