Life lately and yet another layout change

Welcome to (yet another) layout change!

Full width and left sidebar. I'm trying to get used to it, but I like it. What do you think? Should I stop with the frequent updates? I know I should lol.

If I were to backup all my previous templates, I would've collected enough to offer them ala Gooyabi, Sora, or NBT. But whatever, I'm not confident enough to take credit, moreso, provide support.

I still don't understand why I can't seem to stick with a layout for at least 3 months. Is it because I worked as a web developer? I don't know of anyone who changes themes this often. I also like to constantly update my logo. Talk about a branding nightmare.

Taco (seasoning) overload

I tried this burrito bowl recipe from Tasty and it was okay. Haha. It looked super delicious on the video, but it's only keri lang level in my kitchen. My sister loved it though. Maybe because I was the one who prepared it? You kinda get immune to the deliciousness of your own food diba haha.

Then in the afternoon my sister baked pies. They were shaped like hopiang baboy but the filling was chili con carne. Sarap! We're actually selling them, follow Pocket Pies PH on Facebook to learn more. We just started so there's not much to see on the page haha but if you can help us promote we'll bake a mean bunch for you! :D

My online portfolio is up!
I finally turned my old blog into my official online portfolio. Check out and tell me what you think. :D

My 2nd car accident
I didn't mean to write it so fondly, but yeah. Thursday last week I was on the way to the office when I got hit by a truck. It looked like an 8 wheeler. It was turning right to East Ave. (from Elliptical road) and I was beside it. I should've stopped to let him turn but I thought it would be too late because we were too close, his curve could hit my front bumper, so I did this stupid thing of speeding up then BOOM. I was hit at the rear bumper. The car shook and I got startled. I stopped at the side to see if the damned truck stopped too, but it didn't so oh well.

For some reason I wasn't too fazed by the incident. In case the truck driver stopped, I would've known what to say in my defense and I could've saved myself repair costs too, but that didn't happen. Looking back I felt I shouldn't have given him the leeway to pause on the curve, I should've just sped up entirely. Or not cos that sounds reckless. But seriously, I wish I had accelerated faster, 'cos if I was any bit slower I could've been hit at the driver's side and that's gonna be, uhm, sadder.

My bumper got dented and part of tail lights shattered. Good thing the lights are still working, yey?


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