Venue hunt: The Village Patio

Looking for a wedding venue that fits the budget is easy. But it also has to fit a lot of other things too, like 150 people and my certain arte for aesthetics - and that's when prices start to rack up. We're lucky to have found The Village Patio though: it's within budget, very near - just at Maginhawa St., Quezon City, and looks pretty too!

Here's my first impression of the place. Wrong label, check! Since we couldn't afford an out of town venue to discourage guests from flooding our wedding, we figured a wrong signage would do! Everyone will be lost and we're all gonna be busy without our phones nyahahaha. Kidding ;)

They'll get it fixed, don't worry ;)
The Village Patio is an indoor garden type venue. It's not airconditioned, take note, so you might want to consider an afternoon to evening event during ber months when it's cool. It's big enough for 100 to 150 guests, but looks tight for 200. 

To be honest, when we came there, the place feels very dirty. Apparently, they had an event last night and they're in the process of cleaning up, but the kuya was kind enough to let us in to look around and take pictures even if we have no prior appointment. Thank you!

When I first entered, I was immediately caught by the ceiling! <3 Aaaah look at thoooose!

  • Elevated stage area
  • Holding room - small, dingy, just enough to really hold your extra stuff. Too small for a bridal room, so go prep somewhere else.
  • Restrooms - dirty and smelly during that time lol.
  • Ceiling adorned with hanging planters, round lanterns, and Christmas lights - super pretty!
  • Plants all around
  • Parking is along Maginhawa St., but an attendant will be present during the event to guide guests

Close look of at the stage area. The plants look gloomy and about to die. :( Roofing needs some polishing too.

Panoramic of the venue. It looks really wide. Buffet tables on the right, photo booth on the left, carpet at the center, tables all around. I could imagine where things are going to be placed and it looks okay in my brain haha

Shot facing the entrance gate which is covered with a small garden rock pond that looks like this when you face it,

Initial thoughts on this one: where am I going to enter? Left or right side? Nyahaha! The thought of it very slightly alarmed me because I refuse to come from the holding room on the left because it's small and ugly, and coming from either of the pathways looks unbalanced. My carpet would have to meet me on one side which looks off, oh nooooo. So there, I'll just fly over that bulging rock. Problem solved.

I noticed too that there's very small room for your entourage people. If you'll get worried, a coordinator would take care of that for you. And a stylist could build an arch and cover the pathways to it with curtains or whatever, so you could get an entrance from the center and no one would know which side you entered from hahaha. Issue?!

The wooden crate backdrop was used for the photo booth, but you can borrow it and maybe use it for the stage instead.

Another view!

And finally, a closer look at their lovely ceiling! <3

I'm very specific with styling, but as much as I want to get K by Cunanan to cater our wedding, they're just too expensive for us. I want tiffany chairs, burlap table runners, and tall fresh floral centerpieces. Thankfully, I saw from their old events that they could pull off a kindof rustic, earth-colored themed styling for the tables so yeheyy! That's not even our theme (yet) hahaha.

The Village Patio is owned by TarlaqueƱa Catering so after taking pictures we went to their office at Anonas, just a ride from the venue. 

When I saw their sign I was like, uhhhhmmm are we really getting them to cater our wedding? Not to judge, but the facade of their "office" looks like a closed down carinderia. Okay, I just judged them. We still inquired nonetheless, future mother-in-law recommended the place and said their food is good and since I'm all about good food and pretty venues, we had to complete this ocular and get their rates.

They were closed that day but since there's someone in they allowed us to inquire, so nice of them! The place looks dirty, smelled like dogs and really just gave me an odd impression. But everything changed when they handed me the rates,

Rates (2016)
Venue only rate is at ₱14,000 for 4 hours. That's really affordable, but you have to pay ₱40,000 corkage fee for third party caterers.

Wedding packages range from ₱138,500 to ₱186,800 for a minimum of 150 people. The most expensive package already includes a photo booth service, souvenirs, and a professional host/emcee. Isn't it fun they're supplying for almost everything na? <3
Another thing I liked about their package is their payment terms. You only need ₱10,000 to reserve, 50% can be paid 3 months before the event, and the remaining amount - 3 days before the function. That gives you enough time to save.

Note that these are their 2016 rates and are subject to change without prior notice.

Location and contact
If you want to get a more tailored quote, you may reach them here

185 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village , Quezon City, Metro Manila (Venue)
1 Anonas Extension, Sikatuna Village Quezon City (Office)

(02)426-1554, (02)921-5354


Aaaand that's it! We're considering this venue but still checking out other options. If you have any experience with this place and their food, please I would love to hear you out! :D

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