Life lately and how the heck do you plan for a wedding

A couple of thoughts regarding our, uhm, engagement nyahahaha. We already have a date, which is less than a year from now, and so far we haven't argued on anything yet. Sosyal! We're both aware of a lot of couples going crazy planning for the specifics of their wedding so we promised ourselves we're not quarreling over anything (like we've done for the past 5 years yihieee). Jeckie and I didn't want to turn into a Bridezilla and whatever-its-counterpart-is* so Lord, help us keep our promise intact!

My Dream Wedding

So. I don't really have a dream wedding. I just have certain aesthetic preferences lol, that sounds like an excuse but yeah. I even surrendered to the thought of getting a civil wedding instead, as long as it's followed by a very intimate reception at a very badass buffet *cough* Spiral *cough*. All in order to taper the cost of feeding some 200 guests and sparing myself the trouble of all the preps. But then, I have a very big problem with civil weddings.

Our City Halls are ugly.

They're not good in photos. I'm not walking in a pure white outfit, all glam and pretty, flowers on hand, to board an elevator (if it's functioning) with 8 other sweaty, agitated, and dismayed citizens of the Philippines who have transactions in other parts of the building. The thought of it irks me. I'm here getting married and I'm not about to be surrounded with the negativity of people's complaints about the inefficiency of their city government, or about a sinkhole in their barangay that hasn't been covered in years. Anyway. Google pacified my horror-stricken nerves by telling me that not all civil weddings are urghly (in venue okay). There's this one, super cool looking venue that made me reconsider about pushing this type of wedding.

Enter, The Supreme Court of the Philippines


Look at that facade, I'm totally sold. Everything to get nice pictures haha. Jeckie's mom knows a chief justice's brother so that kinda made things more possible to pull off. I think.

I've created a Google sheet of our wedding planning progress. I have a checklist, a guest list, supplier contact numbers, possible venues, possible caterers, blah, blah, blah. I've also joined a couple of wedding groups on facebook to get ideas. I sure am very excited to get in touch with suppliers and save up for it. But I also didn't want to stress too much about it. I read that the venue and catering are primal, so that's what we want to slash off first. The rest we'll worry later on haha.

So, are we getting a Supreme Court Wedding?

Nope. Just wanted to share how stoked I was about the idea of a supreeeme wedding nyahahaha. Jec and Yan invites you to a supreme wedding, how cool must that look on our invites!

*Just googled: it's called GROOM KONG!

ETA: All my wedding chorvaness will be tagged under 'Wedding' like malamang haha. Check it out heeere!

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