and now i'm sick...-_-

not actually... just feeling sick... ulk... i hate this feeling, makes me wanna throw up...-_-... y'knw..i was knowledgeable enough to understand the painful muscle contractions in my stomach, that when you work out you won't be experiencing this agonizing pain... but hell, i did work out, i played volleyball in P.E. and i got muscle pain...which means my biceps/triceps are slowly getting used to this over production of lactic acid, which is good by the way.... but why am i still suffering from disminoreah? [chk d spelling na lng..] ...araaayyy ko...

after church, i rushed to the bathroom to throw up, maybe i ate to much bromate free pandesal and gulped in too much cheezee...--;; forgive me.

i slept from 11am - 1pm or something and when i woke up, i remembered na we'll have an investi meeting here in our house, and at that moment i wish someone would text me from my group telling me na postponed na lng ung meeting [i can't even stretch my arm to reach my phone], pero..goodness, ate cads opened the door and told me i have two guests waiting. haaayyy... ^^;;. forgive me, for i am suffering an unbearable amount of pain that is slowly increasing due to this project. arrgghhh...

ok, now it's time for me to do my thing. but i'm too hungry to do so, so i ate first ^^;; nang-alok nman ako.. kaw nman o. hehe...

tapos un... i still had fun. thanks to ate heidi who gave me this 'sambong tea' [pinakuluang sambong-- talk about noli..tsss] as a help to my sorrows [drama noh?] and then un... we continued our project but unfortunately, we didn't finish it all so we proceed to the paperworks na lng... haaayy at last we're done. ^^;; goodness.. i thought di ko kkyanin ang day na toh.

i discovered some secrets. haha... i'm not going to share.. secret nga eh...

i miss terai, hope she's fine... pag bumalik sha i'll blme her for she's responsible for me eyes.. nmmga.. haaayy... i miss my sister! yan tuloy, i had to squeeze myself beetween my parents during sleep ksi wala akong ksama sa room... scary.

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