have you ever felt being so loaded with work that you can't sleep anymore?

have you ever felt the agony of painfuly listing everything that needs to be done?

have you ever felt cramming for a project whose deadliest deadline is TOMORROW?

nakanamtipaklong. i'm feeling all those... at once. -_- i soo hate this life.. actually this year... but i can't help it... i must excel to a higher level.. it is true... life is like a game... level one: easy, level 2: getting harder: level: hardest, and you really have to try and work your best out in order to be the 'game master'. once you've done that... congratulations. you won.

but in between those levels are times that we almost want to give up, times when we like to have the game over. times when we lack courage to continue because of fear of failing... oh well that's normal... but in this kind of game we call life... there is no 'reset' nor an off or on button. once you switched it on... you're on. and switching it off is easy, but just like loosing an actual game, get ready to face some criticisms, teases and all the awful things in things to be thrown on you... just because you decided to push off that button and leave the helluva freakin place.

that's cowardice friend.

pushing the button off is like choosing death over life.


i don't know why i did that... oh well nevermind...

haayy... i'm starting my own WRITTEN journal here... coz i remember i have this compiled notebook which i'm keeping for over a year but still there are lot of spaces to be filled... hehe... in that notebook i'll fill in all the PERSONAL and PRIVATE things about me that i do not want to flaunt to the public. ^_~


arrghhh... that's it! i'm already fed up! i tried for almost several times, but failed... although i'm just compromising with my moods (does the acceptance mudra)... tsk.

the mobile phonetool i installed in this pc for my cellhpone in actually working GREAT!!! -__-... really and i sooo "LOVE" -_- it! first off.) it SUCKS!!! grrr....-_-


oh well... i think i'm missing blue again.. and thank goodness... di na maxado feeling c red! or am i just not noticing her recently? oh i don't care... pag pinag-uusapan nmen c blue... i want to tell the people na di ko na sha crush.. w/c is true.. pero meron pang onte... hinde hinde... di ko tlga sha kras.. IDOL lang... haha... ayoko naman ideny... kasi aykong maging sinungaling. --

lang ya tlga tong buhay na to... tuwa ako kaninang english... di ko maisip, marunong ako magoutline ng mga naka2windang na topics!! and we got the highest! yey!

hehe... -_-;;

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