third eye

third eye. yes, that's the topic i'm going to use in my term paper. haayy, actually i made that topic in a rush and i was surprised our teacher ranked it #1...say what?-_-

ok. whatever.

look at my topics rundown:

1. feng shui

2. palmistry

3. numerology

4. dreams

5. third eye

haha... things which includes skeptism around religious or spiritual matters are interesting to me. hehe... that's why i chose those!

sometimes, we doubt if there really is a GOD. as we grow older, we dig questions only our faith can answer. Faith is believing, trusting, and serving GOD (which you cannot see). Our faith is tested in times of doubt, believing, trusting and serving something you cannot see proves your faith.

Faith can't work alone just by believing, coz as a matter of fact-- Everybody BELIEVES in GOD, including satan. It is the devotion of his people that counts.

even the word FAITH is an abstract noun.

oh, was that our of topic? i really want to insert that... really. ~_^

is it a sin to choose those potential roots of skeptism as a topic for your term paper?-- which may possibly lead you to a more confusion filled brain?

i really don't know.-_- i'm quite confused... i need someone... an expert in the field.


music: moonlight sonata- ludwig van bethoveen [i'm getting creepy and classical]

book of the moment: the little giant encyclopedia of superstitions [here i go agen...]


ppsst... i ate 3 isau's kanina!! haha.. soo yummy! ^__^


my mind is.. sabog.-_- can't think of something worth-reading to write...--;;

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