panic time

LoL... i not being responsible with my schoolworks... first off.. i forgot to put my geom assignment in a bond paper where it was supposed to be... second... i was way to busy to remember that today is the deadline of the advanced assignment our social studies teacher gave us... i'm soo disappointed with myself! it's really a crammy day and i have to oftentimes bring our keyboards/organ at school.. which was way too heavy... i feel like my arm's gonna rip off when i carry it from the parking lot to the building... argghhh... exhausting! and i have to do it twice!... when going upstairs and downstairs... on arrival and dismissal!

oh GOD! help me!! well... right now.. i just came back from school... i'm thankful that our laptop (this) is feeling ok now.. tho i have to loose all the files i have.. -_-.. ^^;;

so.. that's it.. comment on this this one.. i want someone who understands how i feel... it's always hard to be a highschool student! more specifically a junior! -_-

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