cheers to a more mature UP

BAGONG KRISTO: it was... long and hard to grasp. and to think we have to produce a paper on it for hum1. grrr... >___>; well, some parts were funny and most of them are unintended comic reliefs brought about by the script's inconsistent use of the 'medieval' filipino language. no, i'm not belittling (sp?) the script...

at one point it actually inspired me to write in filipino because the language is so striking and moving.

while watching the play i realized something about our university's evident silence regarding social issues. i think we're starting to learn and lean more on our rational sides... on deliberating issues using an indirect way, a silent propaganda.

most of the plays we (i mean our campus) produce right now are, if not, indicating an obscured political statement. most of the story lines are effective allegories of our current social condition. i find this very creative.

our official campus newspaper is being published more often this season unlike last year, and the articles are an example that we haven't really lost our voice.

contemporary writers are dwelling much on dissiminating literature that speaks of a thesis statement in an unsightly manner that only critical thinkers can grasp.

that is just sooo UPian.

so, our decreasing participation on rallies does not imply our growing indifference to our nation's desperate plea for salvation from our chaotic democratic regime. instead, we focus on enlightening people by helping them enlighten themselves through media and other forms of art that are not biased, but at the same time suggests that you take our side.

uhh, weird. i can't explain it fully. i'm tired. but i really really have this feeling that this (whatever it is we're going through right now) will lead to a more mature UP.

a UP that doesn't ALWAYS rally here and there. a UP that doesn't provoke violence among the authority.

i dream of a more err, silent-but-not-really-silent UP. a UP that can speak its voice not just in rallies but in valid forms of art and literature where everyone can participate and take part in a workshop for self-evaluation. i want a UP that can speak its mind in allegorical texts, in plays... you know. i enjoy thought provoking sessions, i fancy deciphering double-meanings and symbolisms in media. and it's even more enjoyable if you suddenly come across a production with an unsuspecting political undertone! ang galing nun diba...

no need to get me... i can't even state my point clearly wahaha.

tahimik akong tao e... yung di ko kayang sabihin... either isusulat ko na lang or idodrowing... swerte nung mga makakagets ng aking mga ulterior motives!

on the other hand...

MCB1 practical exam: nevermind this! hahaha i failed! as in my score is very looooow. but i don't really mind. >_____>; bwahaaha. nakaka-mental block! i was supposed to do spread and pour plating in 4 minutes and this is what i've done so far...

- i disinfected the table (a reminder everyone should adhere to) but then it only gave me one point, the rest was a screw up -- this is the only thing i did right!
- i inserted the green sucker on a 1ml pipet. it should be blue. ;p i even made a helpful mnemonic on it beforehand, B1 which- stands for blue sucker is for 1ml pipet. tsk.
- i drew out 1ml of the inoculum (should be 0.1 only), then figuring that my plate doesn't have a medium yet, i pipeted (??) it back to the tube, and filled the plate with agar (wrong moooove! i actually didn't notice that there's already a petri dish with a hardened medium on it), then i withdrew the inoculum again... using the same pipet (another wrong moooove!) - shouldn't be re-used, especially that i put it down on the table already.
- okok... there are just toooo many mistakes to mention! i won't bother spilling them all out. bwahaha i wasn't able to finish the test you know, like everyone else. and there were just 4 people who passed in our lab section. hehe ok lang. our teacher even said she already scaled it down! wtde? even so... i still hope to pass this subject. hehe

CHEM40 practical exam: it's ok. at least it's not ONE ON ONE like the abovementioned test. wahehe, my sample was relatively easy! it smelled like rugby, but i couldn't have guessed the fuctional group right away with just that. in fact, i only had one confirmatory test (halogenation: reaction with bromine) and the rest are just solubility tests... in short, i only had to right a single reaction! yesss!!!! and i got the unknown compound right!!! yehey! it's an alkyl benzene! wooooh! last sem, my sample was a non-methyl ketone... i also got it right...uhhh...yey.

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