dmn you trojans.

paper on social construct:
progress: 0%

but at least i'm done with the poetry paper. hehe

wooooh! i just cried, man. it's been quite a while since i last cried hard (recall: korean movie, tha classic) and i'm so relieved i was given the chance to flush out the toxins that came along with my tears.

reason? naah, i don't think it's proper to share it here. besides, it has already been resolved and i thank God for it big time. if not for His grace, we couldn't have survived this night as a family.

now there's a clue. i'll leave it here.

viruses again?
oh trojans, you never leave me huh? but thanks to Avira AntiVir, i was able to get a hold of it before it inflicts greater damage. but then, having them quarantined is not enough. man, i want to crush them dead!!!

yo, i love horses (cos i was born under it, and they have this really cool manly charm that i like, specially the rich brown ones hehehe) but trojan viruses? hell no.

gosh, the scanner reads 12 detections already!! how far can it go still? omaygulay. i better let it scan wholly before i sleep.

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