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earlier this weekend i was sooo goodmouthing mendoza to my parents... and they just won't agree without seeing the place. but when it fell down to two choices, new dorm or mendoza... my mom is so positive about mendoza, and me? i just changed my mind about it... i liked new dorm better.

oh the swings.

ok, let's make a semi-critical semi-biased analysis:


(+) - good facilites, NEW, nice receiving area. nice room (just good enough for 2 heads). nice ambience.
(-) - PRICE PRICE PRICE. a room, if shared by 2 will cost 3,000 per head (if taken alone - 5,000)... and that's NOT inclusive of water and electricity. water - additional 200 (fixed)!!!!! electricity... it depends because each room has its own meter. so for a month you have to shell out more than 3,200 pesos.

tell me, is that practical enough?


(+) - just your average university dorm. you can't really expect a lot on its facilites but i don't care much. as long as i can take a bath, sleep well, and get a good study environment, i'm game. what's good about it is that it's really cheap... and i have to put that on top of the list. 650 rental (inclusive of water and electricity)... if you have a laptop you just have to pay 50 a month. and a refrigerator?? 80 bucks, man! now that's incredibly tempting. and compared to other univ. dorms... (MRH and women's) it's pretty cleaner too. it has a canteen too. err i'm really ok with it (it's just my mom).

on the downside,

(-) - it's FAR. yeah, that's just about it... and my parents keep on worrying if i get home late at night... how will i be able to manage?

man, i'm always assuring them that i won't be going home later that usual. yeah, there's the org... we do have some activities that take up most of the evening... but there's datu and faye! if neither of them are attending... SO AM I.

and there's always a jeep at ministop, yknow. >_______>;;

i came as far as convincing my parents to go on a transient this summer. my sister will be coming along too so that's really nice. hahaha. okokok, we'll see. we'll see.

hey i just opened my systemone account and checked for the available courses offered this summer...
what the fck, there's no CHEM32!!!!!!!!!

so by all means, i'm going to take chem160 (if by a miracle i pass chem40 this sem) and phys13 (C3L, please Lord!!!).

man, i can see my impending doom.

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