omg! i missed gravitation sooooo much i'm watching it again right now through streaming media. woooooh! so hopefully hindi ako maubusan ng pera dito... like usual!

this isn't supposed to be something new but i kind of reached my tolerance limit to the garbage scattered on the floor, beside my bed. you see, our room isn't really dirty (i share it with ate lovely)... it's just too small for us. too small to fit ourselves and our bulging items... that's why i resort to throwing things everywhere... when i leave for class, i just search among the pile of books and handouts scattered aimlessly on the floor and look for that one piece of photocopied paper which bears the coverage for that session's quiz. i tell you, it's taking a lot of my time.

i'm not a messy person (if i am, then i wouldn't bother cleaning up). i actually want things organized, but you can't always be organized every day... every class... haha that's hard. that's why i try to be neat as much as i could.

oh here comes the shtload.

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