goooood morning!

i'm trying to get a fraction of my 'holy week workload' done by starting our hum1 paper. haaay, it's always hard to start a composition. i'm not even sure if i'm getting the right ideas, i hope my groupmates won't hate me for it. i'm planning to finish it by tomorrow so that i could just ask a groupmate to edit and print it for us. i'm also planning not to attend hum1 on monday, but knowing me... i guess i couldn't afford to waste our remaining meetings. and besides, i've just committed a lot of absences in my other subjects. haaay

i'm not yet sleepy! maybe because i got a lot of sleep this afternoon. hehe, also we had a mini bible study awhile ago. just the usual, me, terai, mommy and daddy. :) we discussed a lot of things... my parents are trying to relive that old family tradition of conducting family bible studies at least once a week because they don't want us drawing farther from the Lord.

haaay, He's been so generous with me lately that i couldn't ask for more of his grace. so far, despite my still sinking academic standing, He still manages to supply me with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity. i think it's really rare for someone to keep the positive vibes flowing amidst the threatening adversity. woooohooo. i like the feeling of being happy and care-free and laid-back! yeeah.

or maybe, i am just someone who doesn't really care about getting As. i guess, i'm part of the academically indifferent pack. :) but hey, it's not that we like failing, or enjoy having our names posted on the bulletin for guidance counseling... we just want to pass. that's all, the higher the better, but we keep our standards low, in case anything goes wayward then there's no one to blame. we'll just keep on living, knowing we did what's right.

by the way, for those who are looking for an effective flv to avi/mpeg converter... try Freez (just search in google or wherever), it's a freeware!!! yeah, you can adjust the settings to widen the resolution but i guess it's better by default so that the quality will remain as is. well, there really isn't an easy way to fix the quality of the vid especially if it's already bad when took it raw. :)

now we're looking for a dorm to stay just for the summer classes. apparently, the apartments we inquired on won't be vacated till the first sem so we have to look for another place if we don't want to end up being grilled this summer.

oh, by grace.

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