torrent in limewire = SUPERCOOL!

at least i won't have to download u/bitorrent! yeah.
man, i always knew it was a bad idea to go online for downloads right before class.
result = due to long dl time, i resort to skip class.

i might just get another 5 you know.
somebody slap me hard.

i just want to site this wonderful free anime ost downloads haven (in case you're not into torrent and prefers direct link downloads)


that's about it.

i'm back in primelink!!!

for 2 reasons:

and the most important deciding factor?? bwahahaha

they can recognize my creative zen as a portable media device. this has always been my problem because whenever i stuck it on other ports all it does is charge... it won't get recognize... it's an OS thing i guess... winvista recognized my device just fine that's why i can readily transfer mp3 files and photos directly onto it.

oh the coolness.


by the way.... NO MORE SWIMMING!!! yeah! last meeting na namin kanina... ehehe

we were clustered awhile ago according to skill... i'm in the first cluster! yehey! the first cluster usually contains the best swimmers in class (then there's the 2nd, 3rd and 4th clusters as well). :) yey. and we are also required to compete against our clustermates. hehehe... i'm fourth on freestyle... but i won first in backstroke!!! yeah!

then we were shuffled for another competition, this time 100m relay... 4 in a group... containing people from the 4 different clusters... guess what... WE WON!

thank you Lord! :D :D

and because some of my classmates were absent... our teacher asked some of us to join the other group because they were lacking members. man, i was called. >___>;;

after the session i was soo exhausted, my legs are kinda overworked... i could just collapse right there and then, yknow.

but it was fine.
i had fun.
why, i love swimming.

and it's just now that i'm kinda shining on it because highschool never gave me a chance. it's always the varsities! and you know how much it sucks to be jailed with a static identity for FOUR FREAKIN YEARS. being an artist gives you no special privilege to cross the borders of the jocks because they think artists are those people who like anime, loves to draw and mumble incoherent japanese phrases. they're also, by a blasted stereotype, the smart pack.

which means they're utterly useless in sports.
which is so not true.

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