at last i finally learned how to ride on a bike!!

you wouldn't know how proud i am of myself to finally learn how to ride on that 2-wheeled vehicle in less than an hour.

and the best part was, my parents were the ones who taught me!! it's sad enough that i missed that must-have childhood memory of having your dad teach you to ride a bike when you were like 5 or 6 y/o, but i guess 17 isn't too old to learn something of great necessity. wahehehe

actually, earlier this morning we went to QCMC... qc memorial circle to get an exercise and to just feeeeeel the park. then goes the bikes for rent, my sister (she doesn't know how to bike yet! hehe *snickers*) rented the one seater go-cart and my dad and i decided on a mountain bike. damn, that's a blasted one hundred per hour, plus the go-cart which is 60. man, i can still remember the bikes having a rental price-range of 40-50 only. the more wheels, the more expensive. but a hundred?!! waaaah. that's why i vowed to make the most out of an hour cos i don't want a hundred bucks wasted.

blahblah. so after of lot of unwanted bruises, a sore butt and shaky-and-sweaty hands, i was finally able to bike a mile without my dad behind. huhuhuhu man, i'm just so overwhelmed, i think i deserve a crown y'know. huhuhuhuhu

wahahaha. anyhow, that's just me. at least i know to bike already! just like the all the other kids in town. :) weeeeeee!

then there's the heavenly buko juice and lugaw. hmmm, just like the old days. i love it.

i figured: i can't write without background music. hehe yeah, as in, my mind will be totally blank if you face me with an empty word document with just the buzz of the computer gracing my ears.


i so love the Hana Kimi OST! :)
the longer term? HANAzakari no KIMItachi e!

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