mendoza or new dorm?

now that i've opened up the whole 'transferring' issue to my parents... they're going to drive us back to elbi tomorrow to check for dorms (or apartments).

just this weekend i badly want to transfer to Mendoza because i was caught aback by the wonderful ambience... but now that i think of the price, and also with daddy's suggestion of checking a university dorm... i was thinking... new dorm's a pretty good catch too.

yeah, there's the exercise...
and the very low accomodating fee, inclusive of water and electricity...
and you know, i won't be going out every now and then because it's too far from the err... metropolis. hehehe

i think i'd be able to study better there.

you know, i'm trying to fix my non-existent study habit. sorta like reformat my system and search for that hidden and read-only executable file called 'study.exe'.

cos apparently, if i were to enumerate the top processes running in my system (considering i am, indeed, a mechanical item, a computer to be exact)...
#1 would be 'netsurf.exe'
#2 - 'eat.exe'
#3 - 'sleep.exe'

and since all of them are executable files, they run without permission and they run upon system startup. plus, they take up a lot of memory... which in reality could be equated to money.

and man, you can't just click 'end process' because they're very important system files they might cripple the OS (in short, kill me).

so what i'm planning to do is run the command prompt and search for that 'study.exe', remove attributes 'hidden' and 'read-only' and hopefully put it on top of my system processes.

in short (hey, i liked this allegory!)...
i have to look for a better place to study.

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