sleeping for fitness

still not studying for the finals. hopefully, i'll get exempted on the hist2 finals. hopefully, man. HOPEFULLY. i don't want more shtload to bear. and the cutoff is 3, so i guess it's sorta manageable. :) sorta, sorta. XD

so, err, i'm planning to get a power siesta later (wuhoo!). wahaha. i knew it's always a waste of effort to carry books with me over the weekend, they always end up unused anyway!! but i still bring them just in case some strange air pases by and i'm inspired to flip through some of the pages. wahaha. and so far, that has never happened to me yet. we'll see, we'll see...

so... on tuesday i have but one exam, micro1... the dreaded move-system type. our lab instructor tells us it has a very low passing rate. whew, that encouraged me, really. >__>; enihao, since i've already studied a bit during our last exam, then the shtload gets lighter at this point. so, hmmm... i'll be studying for that tonight. and you better hope i should cos THE SEMESTER IS FCKN DONE ALREADY AND I HAVEN'T FIXED MY STUPID STUDY HABITS YET!!!

then tomorrow, i have the whole day to study for our chem40 finals... which is also as dreadful, considering that i have to get 70% to pass and 46% to take the removals. the exam is on wednesday, so you might think i'm cramming the ludicrous coverage in one day (more or less). yes, i know i should've started studying weeks ago to lessen the shtload, but i have a weird psychological problem... if it's not yet due in a few days then it's as good as a month far. in short, i don't feel that surge of urgency to study for it when it's not less than a week near. whatever.

bad habits die hard.

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