i just want tomorrow to end now

march 26 marks the end of our classes.
one word (or something like it): nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
at least not hum1. weh. >___>;

yey! i'll be swimming again tomorrow! and kim's gonna drop by to take a picture of me while swimming... uhh... i guess it's for her project in photography or something. >.< hahaha na-conscious bigla...

here's what i have in mind for tomorrow... for all i know it's gonna be a dull day.
i'll only attend swimming and hist 2 (because i think i can bear 1 and a half hours of boredom) then after that i'm gonna skip my es10a class. i heard last week that we're just going to transfer our isometrics in tracing papers... it's going to be a groupwork so my presence shouldn't be of any importance.

i guess i'll use the whole afternoon to study chem40... that's if i don't get sleepy.

what a notorious delinquent

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