ok, no more new dorm

just now i decided not to push through with new dorm anymore. i figured that this very hot season isn't a good time to live in a remote area and besides i also realized that if i really wanted to study, i should've fixed myself earlier. i should stop blaming the environment for tempting me with whatnots.

it's really me who has the problem.
sometimes i just get in the mood to study but i never really work on it.

anyway, my crush. yes, have you noticed? i'm not babbling a lot about him like i used to in my previous entries. maybe i'm becoming more fond of him that the 'crush' factor is slowly depreciating. i like it better that way. he's busy. i 'should' be busy. there's no way for something out of the line to spark between us. and mygosh, i'm not exactly assuming something am i?

alright, back to the first paragraph (pardon my incoherency).
i won't be transient-ing to new dorm, i won't be considering mendoza either (no matter how much mom tells me that she doesn't care about the price).

i think i'd be moving in to an apartment or a house with my fellow dormates.

that's a sounder decision, whatyouthink?

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