my fic in french? *ecstatic*

i got another email asking for permission to translate one of my harry potter fics in French!!!

si tu ne tais pas la!(random french. nevermind)

i think last year (or last last year) a reader asked my permission to translate the same fic in Russian... i don't know what happened now. hehehe
oh come on, let me indulge on this one.i'm just flattered! i finished the fic at around november 2006 (4 months in the making, man) and until now i'm still getting reviews and faves!!!!

why, my writing ego has been very much bolstered for this day.
thankyou thankyou to those who appreciate my work.... especially to those who actually cried (i didn't know i had the power to jerk tears) and didn't hate me for killing the main characters (ooops. what a spoiler)

rest assured that when i get my OWN laptop and transfer to a new dormitory, i'd be able to write as much as i could. yeah!

thanks for the kudos.

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