he's coming back

and i thought i've already freed myself from him a year ago.

it's not that i'm falling for him for the second time, but it's more like, uhh, yes there's a chance. but i don't want to be the one who will pursue in it, i've done my part. i've been hurt. if he suddenly realizes that i'm worth it, i want him to be the first to confess (becuase i didn't bwahehe). because right now, i just see him as a friend. yup, nothing more. but i cannot deny that he is a very good gentleman. and i miss him for that.

- i miss those days when we're walking home together... he'd ask me if he's walking too fast, even if i say 'hindi, ok lang', he'll slow down for me.
- when we're crossing the street, he'll always transfer to the side where the vehicles come from
- he always lets me in the gate first
- he holds the umbrella for me (uhh, dapat lang diba? hehe)
- when we part he always says bye then 'ingat'
- when we're walking together and he sees a friend and leave for a while, nagpapaalam pa sya... and i like it when he runs back to me afterwards

wala ang dami ko lang namimiss. dati kasi nung mga oras na yan, super crush ko pa sha kaya mega conscious ako. tahimik na tahimik nga ako sa kanya eh. pero ngayong nawala na yung feeling, mas naging open ako sa kanya. :) sayang lang kasi di ko na sya mashado nakikita... by chance na lang. :)

grabe namiss ko sya, sobra.
kung tutuusin ganun na ganun ung ideal bf na gusto ko... pero whatever diba.

Lord, whatyouthink?

pati si leonard miss ko na rin. ayos din kasi yun kausap eh... lalo na nung spcm1 days namin.. minsan pag walang klase... tambay lang sa hum tapos usap usap ng mga balak sa buhay. haaaay.

ang ganda rin nung may nakakausap ka diba? :)


we didn't have hum1 again awhile ago. surprisingly, i wasn't disappointed. i'm doing a good job forgetting him. good. good.

ok nga eh kasi mejo ayoko na rin sa kanya. weh. di nga... basta. :)

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