new layout!

i'm liking the color orange more and more! hehehe :)
mind you, i paid a lot for this! i mean, i consumed a lot of internet time on making this work. so hopefully, it should.

friends, i haven't slept. like crazy man.
i wasn't able to sleep last night because our Bagong Cristo paper was due the next day! it's like this, everytime i start typing, i always get distracted by the internet... so i only end up watching hana kimi instead. i'm not a fan of doing paper drafts for long reflection papers you know. >____>; after two net shops and around 3 paragraphs... i gave up, saved the file in a usb and retreated to the dorm to hopefully borrow someone's laptop instead... at least there's no internet. haaay it was already 1am by then... to make the long story short... i was able to finish the paper by 8am. woooooh! at least natapos yehey!!!!

ok. no more apartment for us.
nagkakaubusan na eh.
but good thing we found a new dorm... 'one silangan'... sana maganda. mura eh... malamig pa. yahooo!

goood luck!!!!

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