Run BGC Urban Adventure 2014

Pinoy Fitness opened a sign up form last week that will allow us to join Run BGC Urban Adventure for FREE if we were among the first 500 to sign up. so right there and then, i filled out the form, submitted it, and invited jeckie, and also some of my college friends to join! it was exciting! FREE SHIRT EH ANO BA. lol. chos

joma, jec, and i :)

anyway, in the end i came with jeckie and joma (his officemate), and together we went to BGC on Saturday (November 29) to collect our kits. chos.

the mechanics says to form a group of 10 people max. we were only 3 but we didn't care cos we thought we could handle all the puzzles and activities naman. sos. haha

but then, while claiming our shirts. they wouldn't let us form a group of just 3. aw. so we had to team up with other people looking to complete their groups. that's where i met kuya Jesus, who was looking for 3 more to complete his team. Amen!

with our team mates!
when all 10 of us huddled up, i was looking at my team and thought, hindi naman kami competitive so it's okay that our group is composed of a bunch of middle aged men who looked like they were only in it for the run. they looked like they could run. and we 3 looked like we could solve puzzles. and that's about what we need in a team right? haha honestly, i was a bit disappointed and thought for a while if we actually have a chance of winning with this team. ang sama ko. sorry po.

QC MARSians spotted!
before the race started, i spotted some QC Marsians and asked them how come they're all here! apparently, the event was also offered for free for MARS (Milo Apex Running School) students and i didn't know because i was absent when it was announced. part of me died and wished i was in their team instead. ang sama sama ko talaga.

but then, SURPRISE SURPRISE! when i got the chance to chat with kuya Jesus, i learned that he and all his companions were BGC GUARDS!!!! OMG! HAHAHAHA i felt like we hit the jackpot! Amen! i just had to highlight that cos i was so shocked and happy! hahaha

i mentally confessed at my prior thoughts. we finally have a chance at winning. HAHAHA #chos

How the game works

Each team will be given a small envelope with puzzle cards that they have to solve. each puzzle will reveal a location in BGC that they have to seek out. on each location, they have to perform a challenge. and on every challenge they complete, they will be awarded stars (3,2,1 stars in order of performance) that will be stamped (well, stickered) on their score cards.

teams will have to perform as much challenges as they can, and earn as much stars as they could. after 3 hours, they must surrender their scorecards back to the commencement area for evaluation.

the winning team will get 50,000 pesos! i don't remember what the other prizes were hahaha!

The first puzzle card we solved led us to 9th Avenue at Bonifacio High Street. i don't know where the hell that was but i thank God our team is composed BGC Guards lang naman *ehem* *ehem* who knew every nook and cranny in BGC. we just had to tell them and they will lead us to the place!


it fascinates me to no end how they knew every single place in BGC. as in! as we were solving puzzles, we would consult them again and again if any of the words we're forming is making any sense.

"kuya, ano yung market? market market ba yun?"
"ah hindi ibang market yan. dun yun!"

"kuya, ano yung may kalikasan something?"
"kasalikasan yan, dun yan!"

"turf? turfgc?"
"Turf BGC po, dun!"

etc. etc. etc.


we didn't win but we enjoyed a lot! the first activity we did, the one with the BINGO cards was exhausting and at the same time super enjoy! we were tasked to take group pictures with all the items listed in the BINGO card. i could imagine doing this with my college barkada! sobrang saya sana! haha

Pic spam!

drones watching over us
that's a drone up there surveilling the place for cheaters. lol. we were actually called out for opening the envelopes before the announcement to begin took off, but that's because we thought it was already announced. we were just so atat. sorry. the event staff was kind naman not to disqualify us so thank you!
Robot pose at Burgos Circle
Thumbs up with a store employee
With a pet dog or pet cat


When the game ended we were so exhausted. my knees were so tired, and my tummy was voilently growling for food already. what with all the running, going back and forth to places, and literally dancing in the rain? haha we decided to eat at Murray and D'Vine -- burgers, ribs, and damn good wine! haha

Here's a shot of my food. Heart shaped buns kamown!

According to one staff, some valentines ago they made their buns and patties heart shaped, and the customers liked it and requested not to change it. and that's what they did. i wonder what they would do if we suggested we liked round buns better, or star shaped ones. lol

my Juicy Lucy. 425 pesos. ouch
deeeeym that thick beef patty stuffed with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese. reminds me of Stuff Over at Maginhawa, only waaaaay more affordable. didn't quite enjoy this honestly. Big B parin the best!

going home was terrible cos no taxi would accommodate us. i always understand naman cos makati to fairview is a pain in the gas. i had to add an extra fee para lang makasakay. buti na lang hindi traffic sa EDSA! yeyy!!

cheers to a happy day! >XD

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