Milo Marathon Finals 2014

MARS QC Runners! Photo by Excipio Imago Photography
last year, i wasn't able to go to the milo marathon finals because my legs were still too sore from running at Nike We Run Manila which was a week before the milo run. mejo ambisyosa kasi i pegged for 2 consecutive 10k runs with only a week recovery in between. i was a beginner at running and didn't know best. :P

but finally, after a year, i was able to attend na! woooh! and here's my record:

the Milo Marathon Manila Finals was rescheduled a week later (Dec 13) than the original date (Dec 7) due to the threats of typhoon Ruby/Hagupit. luckily i just live in the metro and had no plans on the 13th so i was able to come. but as for those who came from the provinces who qualified for the finals, spent money on transportation, lodging, etc, and had to extend for another week due to the rescheduling, i feel bad for all of them. they can't be blamed for all the hassles they went through. :( it can't be helped though. the marathon has to push through this year, and there are no more available dates for december. >XS

anywaaaaaay, i was supposed to run with my MARS9 buddy, Ken, but she didn't make it huhu. T___T i came in late so i missed the warm up with the other guys haha okay lang din naman. >XD

the run was... great! haha. it's my second time to run around MOA/Pasay Area, my first time was during Red Cross Million Volunteer Run (which was kindof bad), so this is definitely the better of the 2 runs.

they say RunRio is a great run organizer and i couldn't agree more. everything was actually organized. there were km markers everywhere, hydration was sufficient, and everything was pretty much in place. as usual there were a loooot of people who ran, and since i was late, i kindof got mixed with the non-competitive crowd (ie. students) who just pretty much walked and took selfies at every kilometer mark, or wherever there's a large Milo signboard around. i don't get annoyed with them, at some point, i was like them too. hahaha

i felt bad for those who were running 5k with their backpacks on though. apparently, 5k runners aren't entitled baggage stubs so there. good thing APEX has a tent where we can leave our bags! we were even given a tapsi breakfast after the run, and i was finally able to claim my MAR9 singlet! yeyy! >XD

that's pretty much it! late post i know. let me leave you with a JGH (just got home) selfie i took that day! haha

PS: thanks for the ride back kris! >:D

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